Your news

We are always happy to receive news contributions on issues and matters of interest to our audiences.

Please send in your photos, comment, timelines, charts, videos and slideshows (if you have them) to illustrate the story. We are linking articles to our company details pages and other sources of information to enhance the experience for our readers.

Notes for contributors

1. Suitability

If an article holds potential interest for our audience we will consider it for use. Company profiles, advertorial, or articles that would double as sales literature or catalogue descriptions do not. We reserve the right to edit all contributions for sense, content, to be consistent with house style, or to fit available space. The Editor's decision is final and contributors will not be given copy approval of the final article. Contributors accept that there is no recourse for any errors introduced during the editing process.

2. Requirements

Please send in at least 200 words for News items. Feature-length articles should ideally be one page in length – about 700 words. Normally a maximum of about 700 words per article is applied, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Each individual illustration and the text for each individual article should be supplied as individual files.

Text should ideally be in a .txt file format, or one that is readable by MS Word, preferably saved in ‘compatibility mode’ in order to be universally readable.

Illustrations suitable for magazine-quality printing should be supplied, at least one illustration per 700 words.

  • Please adjust your digital camera to the highest quality setting. This will maximize both the quality of the image, as well as the range of sizes at which we will be able to use it.
  • The photo image file type required for our website is: Three colour (RGB)  jpeg or JPG. i.e. with a '.jpg' filename.
  • To ensure a digital image is suitable for publication online and also in print, our guideline for minimum image width is 1000 pixels approximately. This assumes the resolution looks sharp (not blurred!). For example: 942 pixels wide x 673 pixels high is suitable, whereas 448 x 299 pixels is too small.  
  • As a guide, the minimum file size for a three colour jpg of suitable resolution and dimensions would be 100kb. The maximum file size we can upload is 2MB.
  • If a selection of images is available please send them all so that we can choose the most suitable for use online and in print. 
  • Please supply at least one landscape orientation images that can be cropped to 5x7 aspect ratio. i.e. 5 (high) by 7 (wide) is the image aspect ration we use online, and in our e-newsletters.
  • All illustrations must have captions supplied, with each caption clearly referenced to the graphic to which it refers.

3. Copyright

Engineering Capacity Ltd does not support unauthorised use of copyright material. All text and illustrations are accepted for reproduction on the understanding that they are free from copyright restrictions. If a credit is required for any photograph, this should be clearly indicated in the accompanying caption. Unless clearly specified to the contrary your image may be used by Engineering Capacity in association with articles other than that it was submitted with. To discourage unauthorised copying by third parties, you will see a copyright statement published with the images alongside articles. This does not exclude the owner's assertion of copyright over the material.’ We frequently get asked by companies if they can re-use images from our web site; when that happens we always refer them to whoever sent us the image in the first place. For further information, see Use of Website - Terms and Conditions

4. Payment

Payment is not normally made for items submitted on behalf of a company or organisation – if payment for any other item is required, this must be agreed in advance and should be supported by an invoice, which will be submitted for processing on publication of the item.