£1m factory extension to facilitate growth

06 Apr 2017
PP Control & Automation has very ambitious growth plans to double turnover

PP Control & Automation has very ambitious growth plans to double turnover

PP Control & Automation has a new £1m factory extension which aims to double sales from £20m to £40m by 2021.

This further 1,000 sq metres of production space, which has been added to the company’s existing 4,500 sq metre facility in Cheslyn Hay, has been specially created in order to facilitate growth in new technology markets and interest from a wider international customer base.

“We have very ambitious growth plans to double turnover and this will only be possible by ensuring we have a facility in the UK that can provide us with the space needed to meet our current and future customer requirements,” said Tony Hague, managing director.

He added that the £1m investment in the immediate light of the Brexit vote, shows the company’s commitment to creating a world class operation for clients in the food processing & packaging, machine tool, medical, printing, semiconductor and scientific machinery sectors.

With construction now completed, work is underway to kit out the dedicated logistics and material department with conveyor systems and state-of the-art barcode scanning to ensure goods are moved around the shopfloor quickly and efficiently.

A new ‘clean assembly’ area will also be created to cater for an increasing need to assemble static sensitive electronics, as well as intricate mechanical parts that have more specialist assembly requirements.

The company is not just investing in bricks and mortar either. Over the last six months it has been steadily recruiting new members of staff across the business to keep up with demand.

PP Control & Automation celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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