ElringKlinger develops production technology

30 Oct 2012

German engineering company, ElringKlinger, has developed a technologically advanced process which could improve production time and reduce energy emissions.

The firm invested around £250,000 to create the cured-in-place (CIP) technology which took over three months to develop and install at its North East site, Redcar in Cleveland. The precision manufacturing process which seals automotive parts, could speed up production and reduce energy emissions, was designed in-house using a prototype and developing programme.  

Mike Swankie, engineering manager, ElringKlinger GB, said: “Significant in-house research and development took place around a measuring technique that consisted of a laser used to check the flatness of the casting and accuracy before the medium was applied through a pressure nozzle. This is a highly effective system that completes a unit run in just seven minutes so there is great potential for other applications to be incorporated onto the production line.”

He added: “Now we are confident in the results of this technology, we hope to develop CIP further and have laid the foundations for UV technology. We are entering an exciting phase for the company with ambitious growth plans already under way.”