Giant circular gear rack

13 Apr 2017
The giant 44-metre gear rack is for use on Germinating Kiln Vessels (GKV)

The giant 44-metre gear rack is for use on Germinating Kiln Vessels (GKV)

A precision gear rack and CNC machined part manufacturer has supplied the first of two giant 44m gear racks for use on Germinating Kiln Vessels (GKV) for a UK malt producer.

Halifax Rack & Screw Cutting Company Limited (HRS) manufactured the rack in 54 separate curved sections that come together to form a complete 26m outside diameter circular gear rack which drives the turntable/floor of the GKV.

Steve Benn, business development manager, HRS, said: “There aren’t many companies in the world that are capable of cutting a gear rack of this size, let alone one that is curved.”

“We’ve cut bigger teeth than this in the past, but on this project, it’s the sheer size of the circle that posed the biggest challenge.”

The gear rack is part of a multi-million pound project to construct a total of four GKVs, with the second gear rack scheduled for delivery later this year.

They are made from medium carbon steel (C45) and hot dip galvanised to provide corrosion resistance against the harsh conditions of the malt germination process.

These racks were manufactured in 100mm square sections to Grade 8 accuracy. The gear teeth (pitch of 18 mod) were cut as straight pieces and then each of the 54 sections of rack were rolled and bent to the precise curvature required.

The mating pinions were then corrected for the resulting angular tooth form on the rack. The outside radius of the rack is 12,749mm with an outside diameter of 26m.

Circular germinating kiln vessels (GKVs) provide improved airflow, good energy usage, clean conditions, during the malting process.

HRS manufactures precision gear racks in straight spur and helical tooth forms up to 45 degrees, with a 450mm/17.75 inch face width and height, in steel, stainless steel, plastic, bronze or brass.

In addition to rack cutting, HRS has more than 65 years’ experience in the machining of high quality pinions, gears, lead screws, nuts and CNC precision engineered components.

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