Polymer specialist to champion university talent

16 May 2017
Icon graduate

Sara Killelay completed specialist training funded by Icon Aerospace Technology

Icon Aerospace Technology has pledged to continue to invest in graduate talent, following the success of one its graduate trainees who has become responsible for its CNC fabric cutting process.

Sara Killelay completed training funded by the Nottingham-headquartered business, part of Icon Polymer group, and now develops and implements the company’s CNC fabric cutting process to ensure repeatability of parts manufactured.

Tim Pryce, CEO of the polymer design and manufacturing specialist, said: “At Icon Aerospace Technology, we (are) committed to creating a talent bridge for young people to help build our business. Recruiting and investing in people like Sara is great for businesses, universities and of course, the engineer in question.”

Ms Killelay joined the business in September 2016 with a product design degree and underwent specialist training to build on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) skills she gained at the University of Lincoln.

Sher operates in a team of 11 people, working on more than 20 parts each month to ensure they are CNC compliant before they are supplied to major aerospace OEMs.

Icon Aerospace Technology is also developing a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), working closely with establishments such as the University of Derby to facilitate an exchange of information and access to technical resources.

The company believes this is driving further business improvements and giving innovative people a taste for a career in engineering. It says that the KTP has enabled it to produce components within shorter timeframes and with greater design flexibility than conventional methods.

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