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Successful contract electronics manufacturing
One electronics subcontractor says that the practice of working with Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) or Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers is evolving to offer OEMS even greater opportunities than ever before. 22 Apr 2017 - Engineering Capacity
Double capacity for cable looms
Convert Ltd is aiming to double its capacity in cable loom wiring by investing in a new Komax Gamma 255 fully automatic crimping machine. 29 Nov 2016 - Engineering Capacity
Solder-free connections from Brandauer
Stamping and presswork specialist Brandauer will be showcasing technology that allows terminal pins to be connected to a PCB without soldering at the electronica show in Munich next week. 04 Nov 2016 - Engineering Capacity
Plexus invests further in UK
Electronics specialist Plexus is investing in a dedicated building and equipment for Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) at its Kelso, Scotland, manufacturing facility. 21 Jul 2016 - Engineering Capacity
Reliable and repeatable soldering
Contract electronics manufacturer Exception EMS has invested in a new, nitrogen-capable, production reflow soldering system. 25 Jan 2016 - Engineering Capacity
AS91000 for engineering services
Plexus Corporation’s Livingston Design Centre in Scotland has achieved AS9100 aerospace and defence industry certification. 25 Jun 2015 - Engineering Capacity
Lighter composite electronic enclosures
A plasma-sprayed coating for composite materials that paves the way for the use of lighter and more efficient materials in electronic applications has won an industry award. 28 Jan 2015 - Engineering Capacity
PCBs reveal animal secrets
Specialist PCBs manufactured by Newbury Electronics are playing a key part in enabling a ground-breaking animal tracking research programme. 04 Jan 2015 - Engineering Capacity
PCBs are mid-Atlantic bound
Newbury Electronics has supplied three individually crafted PCBs for installation in a refurbished data buoy in mid-Atlantic. 30 Jul 2014 - Engineering Capacity
Phoenix aims to be ‘future proof’
Subcontract electronic manufacturing services provider Phoenix Systems UK has invested heavily in new equipment to help ‘future proof’ its business. 21 May 2014 - Engineering Capacity
Extended test capability
Cable and harness specialist Nicab has invested in new test equipment which will help prevent failure in the field. 16 Apr 2014 - Engineering Capacity
Faster, better, cheaper PCBs
A laser imaging system at Newbury Electronics will allow to provide more technically demanding circuit boards. 05 Mar 2014 - Engineering Capacity
LED capacity boost
Contract manufacturer LCL Electronics has increased its assembly capacity - including for LED work - with the addition of a new SMT placement machine. 06 Nov 2013 - Engineering Capacity
£1/2m press heads for Portsmouth
A new stamping press at Portsmouth electronics component specialist Harwin will open up opportunities in aerospace, instrumentation and industrial applications. 06 Nov 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Detecting counterfeit components
A new testing service from ITRI can verify electronic components and detect counterfeits. 11 Sep 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Spirit invests in automated inspection
Spirit Circuits, has installed a high technology CCD camera automated optical inspection (AOI) system to detect very fine isolation errors in complex circuitry. 29 Jul 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Spirit animates six-legged beast
PCBs from Spirit Circuits have been used to create a 2.8m high, all-terrain, operational robotic hexapod dubbed the ‘Mantis’. 08 May 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Low pressure moulding partnership
Hot-melt materials supplier Henkel has formed a partnership with overmoulder Engineering Solution to launch an end-to-end low pressure moulding service. 30 Jan 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Investment boosts PCB sales
A £200,000 investment drive has seen PCB assembly specialist SMT Developments secure its best ever year, with sales up 35% and five new jobs created. 16 Jan 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Invotec invests €1m at Tamworth
Invotec Group Ltd, which manufactures time critical, high technology printed circuit boards, is investing €1m at its Tamworth facility. 05 Dec 2012 - Engineering Capacity