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Study reveals industry barriers to phase out cadmium
A new survey from global selective plating company, SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC) highlights aerospace specifications and prime’s requirements as the main barriers to the phase out of cadmium in the US aerospace industry, and suggests more clarity on the topic is still needed. 24 May 2017 - Engineering Capacity
Coated gears help racers to victory
An application of advanced hard coatings to the gear components of a car used by the Red Victor 1 racing team has helped them clock up their best speeds ever. 12 May 2017 - Engineering Capacity
Coating is key to lighter vehicles
Tomorrow’s energy efficient vehicles could still be based around internal combustion engines, thanks to coatings that allow smaller, lighter units, says Steve Montisci of Keronite. 14 Nov 2016 - Engineering Capacity
ACT completes investment programme
Oldbury based Applied Coatings Technology (ACT) has completed a £1.4m investment programme to enable it to continue to grow its business in the application of coatings for plastic components. 03 Oct 2016 - Engineering Capacity
Borough Plating for 50 years
Borough Plating is celebrating 50 years of chrome-plating plastic components, having been at the forefront of the technology during the 1960s. 22 Sep 2016 - Engineering Capacity
Satin chrome reflects current tastes
Over the years, car design has changed to incorporate advances in technology, changes in legislation and trends in fashion. Yet one aspect of design has remained faithfully consistent across models and brands – the use of bright chrome. 11 Dec 2015 - Engineering Capacity
Surface texturing potential
A five-axis laser surface texturing machine will allow Hersham-based Fimark to open up new markets in mould-making and low friction components. 10 Jun 2015 - Engineering Capacity
Dynamic force in coatings technology
A new specialist coatings group has been created to provide customer with a single global access point in finishing and surface coating technology. 17 Feb 2015 - Engineering Capacity
Treatment for bigger aero components
Alloy Heat Treatment is investing in a new plant that will allow it to apply improved protective finishes to larger aerospace components. 04 Feb 2015 - Engineering Capacity
In-situ plating cuts cost and downtime
SIFCO ASC repaired a gear on a mining crane on-site using selective plating. This meant it could be returned to service with minimal downtime and extended its working life. 06 Dec 2014 - Engineering Capacity
More Nadcap treatment capacity
Substantial growth in demand for its metal surface treatment and finishing technologies has led Nasmyth Group to double the size of one of its surface treatment businesses. 01 Dec 2014 - Engineering Capacity
Shipshape finish for yacht fittings
A contract for super-yacht components meant that a family-run subcontract machinist needed to invest in equipment that could clean, deburr and finish he parts to a high standard. 01 Oct 2014 - Engineering Capacity
Heat treatment coming on stream
A new nitriding furnace is now commissioned and undergoing production trials at Keighley Laboratories’ new heat treatment facility. 09 Apr 2014 - Engineering Capacity
The heat is on in F1
New rules, which have driven race teams to think more about managing heat, have resulted in Zircotec enjoying a near doubling of its F1 work. 12 Mar 2014 - Engineering Capacity
Team offers new finishing service
Serco and Cardiff Aviation have teamed up to provide surface finish services for the aerospace, engineering and automotive sectors. 02 Dec 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Hardide solves hard chrome problem
Hardide Coatings has developed an alternative to the toxic hard-chrome plating process (HCP) which will soon be restricted or banned. 26 Nov 2013 - Engineering Capacity
One stop for finishing
Finishing Techniques has brought together five surface finishing technologies under one roof to expand its subcontract finishing service. 18 Sep 2013 - Engineering Capacity
Inside coatings extend plant life
Tecvac’s new InnerArmor process can extend the service life and effectiveness of pipework, pumps, valves and other hollow process vessels. 26 Jun 2013 - Engineering Capacity
MMP Electrovibe expands capacity
Havant-based metal polisher MMP Electrovibe has moved into larger premises that will allow it to expand its capacity and introduce new complementary services. 22 May 2013 - Engineering Capacity
More non-ferrous heat treatment capacity
Wallwork Heat Treatment has installed a new 800kg capacity furnace for the processing of aluminium and magnesium components from 0.5m across up two cubic metres. 11 Apr 2013 - Engineering Capacity